Authors and Illustrators: Neil Gaiman and Elise Hurst

 I'd read this book while on a night shift and found myself unable 

to tear my eyes away from Neil Gaiman's words, 

until they appeared to dance across the page, 

and I knew I needed more coffee. 

As daylight crept in, I was still turning its pages, 

until, with a feeling of dread, I came to the end of the book.

I was filled with a sense of loss and emptiness, as is often the way

when ending a much-loved tale. Like saying goodbye to an old friend.

I'd loved it ever since and knew I'd want to read it again some day.

Last month, my thoughtful daughter swept me off to London 

where we sat among the audience, while Neil Gaiman 

read a chapter from this wonderful tome, 

and Elise Hurst discussed her illustration technique.

Throughout the evening I kept sighing, overwhelmed 

with happiness, and really didn't want the night to end.

As we left the building, my daughter pulled me off to a little desk 

where she collected a hard-backed copy of the book and handed it to me. 

Inside, both illustrator and author had signed it. 

I now own a reading copy and this, my treasured copy.