Favourite Finds: Witches and Tarot and Spells, Oh My!

There are many books which fill me with that wonderful 
surge of excitement when I first set my eyes upon them, 
but none fill me with quite the same joy as a 
book on witchcraft, spells or tarot.

Today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

Throughout this post, each title is a link which will open in a 
new window and direct you to shops/sites where you 
can find copies for your own bookshelves.


My Tarot Deck - The Wild Unknown 

I have a vast collection on my own shelves, which get taken 
down, thumbed through and put to use from time to time...

This will help you to enchant new love into your life, 
change your fortune or manifest your dreams, 
while banishing all forms of negativity.

A beautiful tome which will encourage you to 
forage for the ingredients you need for its natural magic.

It contains a plethora of spells and enchantments 
to use in all walks of life.  It teaches how to write 
your own spells and learn more
 about a Wiccan religion.

I adore this delectable cover and its inner pages which teach
magical potions and spells.

Nothing beats a vintage book, for me and I'm forever intrigued
by other people's beliefs and rituals.

Another favourite, this is beautiful both 
inside and out, much like the gentleman who gave it to me.

He always seems to know the exact gift to give.

An important book for all, we must always learn what helps us to relax,
and find ways to pamper and soothe both body and spirit.


I hope you've enjoyed your little wander along my bookshelves,
and that I've encouraged you to delve into a little magic of your own.

Have a wonderful day, whatever you decide to do.