Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Instagram and Facebook seem to have taken centre stage 
and I find myself, once again, apologising for my absence.

Posts have become few, but my thoughts are many, as I 
appear to be waking from the deepest of slumbers, my mind 
fresh with ideas, my heart leaping with static-like excitement.

I long to lose myself among trees, gathering moss, pine-cones and 
other woodland treasures, as my beloved Autumn has finally arrived.


The following image was taken whilst on a stroll through
Gnoll Park, Neath. There were little fairy doors on
many of the trees there. It was a perfect day.

This next is a recent image of one of my favourite witchy tomes.

An image taken at Pembrey Country Park, where I
did actually lose my way, but didn't worry too 
much, as I was in great company.

A beautiful tale, and if you ever find a copy, do read it.
You'll be far from disappointed.

A fairy house, within the grounds of Park Howard Mansion.

What can I say about Susan Hill's writing that I haven't
said a fair amount of times, already? I could read
this woman time and time again.

This image was taken while on a stroll 
through woodland in Volda, Norway.

One of my favourite places to both lose myself and get lost in.

Ah, one of the Woodland Witch vials I've created 
and sold in The Shop over the years.

This walk is very close to my home and also my heart.
One which holds the fondest of memories. Memories of 
blackberry picking, Pooh Sticks, gliding swans, and most 
importantly, my little girl, now grown and flown the nest.

A day spent reading in my own garden,
and the woodland treasures I find there each year.

I adore this image of my little Nala, of Autumn's crisp leaves 
laying on the ground, mirroring the colours in her fur.

I hope you've enjoyed your little stroll with me today,
discovering woodland and books galore...

Two of my favourite things.

(Today's post title is taken from a Poem by Robert Frost)


  1. What Debra said. Also, I hope you remember to meet us here more often. There is something about blogs... that always feel like home to me.

  2. Truly beautiful my friend! Thank you! Big Hugs!