Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Wandering Welsh Girls

I've recently embarked on a trip to Norway, to get 
away from everyday life and more importantly,
to visit my fiercely independent daughter.


My journey out there took 24 hours and I got to meet
plenty of interesting people along the way.  

It began with a bus to Stanstead airport.  I'm pretty sure I fell 
asleep en route, but that part is all quite a blur.  I do remember 
the impressive picnic I'd packed and didn't have to share though.

 From Stanstead Airport, I boarded a flight to Oslo, this part
only took 2 hours, but I wish it had taken longer...

I sat next to a lovely Norwegian gentleman and we began to 
chat about our children, amused at the coincidence of 
my daughter studying literature in Norway, and 
his son studying literature in the UK.

Once in Oslo, I was surprised by how warm it actually was,
considering the vast quantity of powdery snow which
covered everything in sight... including the roads, 
which worried me slightly, because my next
journey was on the night bus.

I should add...the night bus was a big purple double decker, 
which should impress any Harry Potter fan reading this.

I would happily ride this particular night bus again.
I was one of just two people on the lower deck,
the lights were dimmed and we were provided
with pillows and blankets.  Our seats
reclined into sleeping position,
and we did just that.

The gentle, rhythmic hum of the engine and 
distant sound of slush over tyres lulled me
into a deep and dreamless sleep.

I reached Volda in the small hours, and also travelled to Alesund on day two.

The rest I will let you see for yourselves...

I'd love to go again, but I think somewhere new might be on the cards.

Have you travelled anywhere lovely that you'd recommend?

Have a perfect day!



  1. What spectacular photos! I'd love to visit Norway some day. My favourite photo is that red house on piles with the amazingly twisted tree growing up the side!

    1. Thank you. ooh...I instantly fell in love with that house xx

  2. Wow!!! What an amazing area!!! I would love to see Norway!!! So happy you went! Thankyou for sharing these amazing pictures!! Big Hugs!

  3. Unblemished perfection WHAT a beautiful place! And I would be kiddy on that Night Bus! ( good story title)
    & it was purple! Okay, toooooo perfect! You both light up every picture!
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous adventures!

  4. Looks like an absolutely amazing place! i'd love to ride a Night Bus - especially if it was purple. 💜